Dog Treats and Death

Book 1 in the Heywood Hounds Cozy Mysteries

A humorous, contemporary, small town cozy mystery… with a talking dog!

Does past behavior indicate current guilt?

When Gina Dunner’s shady brother, Vic, is accused of murder, she’s not surprised. Living the life of a womanizing ranch hand with questionable friends and a lifetime of bad choices has to catch up with him at some point.

Sheriff Mallory Richards scrutinizes the case and claims all evidence points to Vic, but he vehemently denies killing his ex-girlfriend. When he begs Gina to help prove his innocence, she puts her doubts aside. She and her rescue mutt, Daisy,—a sweet, yet sassy, talking dog—start sniffing around into their own investigation. As an amateur sleuth poking her nose where it doesn’t belong, what could possibly go wrong?

Will Gina and Daisy stumble onto the truth to exonerate Vic, or will the killer come for Gina next?

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