The Lawyer is Lifeless

Book 4 in the Sedona Spirit Series

A humorous, ghostly cozy mystery

Even the law couldn’t save him from an untimely death…

 When Bernie’s business meeting turns into the discovery of her murdered lawyer, she’s able to uncover facts the police can’t. With the help of her ghostly grandmother, Ruby, she spies on the wife and girlfriend of the deceased and also discovers a clue that may lead to proof of a local biker gangs’ involvement in the killing.

 Bernie’s former boyfriend, Deputy Adam Gallagher, is forced to reveal a secret about the investigation—a twist Bernie could never have imagined. They decide to pool their information and work together to solve the case, but will they rekindle their romance?

 After Bernie’s life is threatened, she and her ghost must uncover the evidence to put the killer behind bars… or Bernie may be the next victim.

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