The Tourist is Toast – Book 2 in the Sedona Spirit Series: A humorous, ghostly, paranormal cozy mystery

A tourist is shoved from a cliff. It’s up to an unruly ghost to solve the murder.

 When Bernie and Ruby witness the killing of a tourist from a far, they find themselves ensnared in a vengeful group of suspects, each having an excellent motive for pushing the man to his death.

 Deputy Adam Gallagher has been assigned to solve the case. The problem? No one is talking. When he approaches Bernie with a secret plan to nail the murderer, Bernie reluctantly agrees to help.

 As Bernie and her ghostly grandmother, Ruby, do their part to help Adam, Bernie realizes the case is far more complicated than anyone thought. Unraveling it may put them all in danger. Can she find the murderer and get the dead man justice before the killer gets to her first?

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