Christmas is right around the corner...

Christmas is right around the corner...

You won't want to miss this!

Twelve authors, myself included, have come together to give you the Twelve Days of Christmas, cozy mystery style!

You'll get 12 books each featuring one of the twelve days of Christmas. My contribution is call Pipers Piping and Puppies. Go here and follow for when the Kickstarter begins - you won't believe the fun stuff we have for you when you become a backer!

This is the perfect Christmas gift for your favorite mystery lover, or the perfect gift for yourself!


Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer has gone missing. Can a woman and her talking dog sniff him out?

When Rudolph goes missing days before the Heywood Christmas Festival, Gina Dunner and her talking dog, Daisy, put their noses to the ground to find him.

As the investigation progresses, they not only find themselves saddled with a litter of puppies, but embroiled in the mystery of where the mother has gone.

Will Gina and Daisy be able to return the puppies to their mother and find Rudolph in time to save the Christmas Festival?


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