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Dog Treats and Death

Dog Treats and Death

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He’s had a troubled past… but is he a killer?

When Gina Dunner’s brother, Vic, is accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Gina isn’t surprised. Living the life of a womanizing ranch hand with questionable friends and a lifetime of bad choices had to catch up with him at some point.

After the Sheriff announces she has the right man, Vic vehemently denies the murder. When he begs Gina to help prove his innocence, she attempts to puts her doubts aside, despite him being the last one to see the woman alive. She and her rescue mutt, Daisy—a sweet, yet sassy, talking dog—start sniffing around into their own investigation.

Will Gina and Daisy stumble onto the truth to exonerate Vic, or will the killer come for Gina next?

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ourney with amateur sleuths, Gina and Daisy, through the twists and turns of “Dog Treats and Death,” a tale of family, betrayal, and the enduring bond between a woman and her extraordinary canine companion.


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Customer Reviews

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Kathryn Tozzi
Great New Series

Another wonderful series set in the little town of Heywood, Arizona.
In a little town full of colorful characters there sure is a lot of murders.
Gina Dunner and her dog Daisy are now the new go to when there is a mystery to solve, she learned from the best and has some big shoes to fill.
Gina's brother Vic is in trouble, his girlfriend has been murdered and he is the number one suspect.
Gina and her talking dog Daisy are on the trail to solve the murder and save her brother.
I am so excited for a new series set in a town that I have come to love.
If this is the first you have read from this author you are in for a treat. Once you read one of her books, you just want to read them all.
I can not wait to see what is in store in the future with this town.