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Lavender and Lies

Lavender and Lies

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Hiding her true identity is difficult… but not as hard as catching a killer.

As Samantha Jones, a former daytime television star, tries to assimilate into the small community of Heywood, her life is upended when her friend, Gina, is arrested for murdering her abusive ex-husband.

Even though every shred of evidence points at Gina being the true killer, Sam can’t believe her friend would murder one of the most hated men in town. As her search for the real killer eventually peters out and Sam’s ready to declare Gina guilty, a turn of events leads her down an unexpected path.

But will this path lead Sam to the real killer, or will an innocent person rot in prison for the rest of her life?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lola Murray

Lavender and Lies

Kathryn Tozzi
Female Sherlock Holmes

We find ourselves back in Heywood, Arizona again. Back with Sam and her little circle of friends. Once again she finds herself in the middle of another murder/mystery, this time it is her friend Gina who is in trouble.
Why are she and her friends always in the middle of trouble and why can't the sheriff do her job so she didn't have to do it for her. Sherlock Holmes don't have nothin on Samantha Jones!
This is such a wonderful series of cozy mysteries, and the Author, as always does an amazing job.
Each book just keeps you coming back for more, I am so looking forward to the next one in this series.
Kudos to Carly Winter on yet another great one!