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Mint and Murder

Mint and Murder

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A dancer is found dead. The killer will go to great lengths to avoid apprehension.

Deputy Jordan Branson is accused of murder in order to cover up a departmental investigation into his questionable behavior. He asks former Hollywood starlet, Sam Jones, to help him find the real killer.

The problem?

Sam isn’t sure she believes in his innocence.

She dives into the case anyway, but unfortunately, all clues lead directly back to Jordan.

Once Jordan’s arrested and proclaims his innocence once again, Sam’s determined to catch the real killer and continues to prod and question the rest of the suspects.

But will she uncover the truth before the real killer gets to her next?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pat Pazdan
Really enjoyed this book

I had read the book prior to this one and I was hooked. Love this series so far. Fun and entertaining. Sam is amazing and the way she solves the mysteries is really unique. Her friends are crazy and fun.

Mellie Miller
Great Read

I loved this book! And I can sympathize with someone trying to begin dance classes as an adult. Though I did dance in my much younger days, it's not something I would try now. And the twists and turns kept me turning pages. Loved the hint of romance running through the story. I'll definitely read more!

Lola Murray
All of the series


Kathryn Tozzi
Three Musketeers

Welcome back to Heywood, Arizona and our favorite group of sleuths. Sam, Annabelle and Gina are once again on the trail of a murderer.
It seems like every time Sam turns around someone she cares about is being framed for murder, this time the accused is none other than Deputy Jordan Branson (the man she cares deeply for).
This is such a wonderful series, full of laughter with a side of crime and a group of women who stop at nothing to protect those they love.
I for one can not wait for more in this series, this Author is an amazing story teller.