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Paw Prints and Problems (Paperback)

Paw Prints and Problems (Paperback)

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 A dead chef is bad for business… and so is being accused of murder.

 When restaurant owner, Sally Turner, finds her chef murdered, she realizes she’s in deep trouble… especially when she was the last one to see the victim alive and they’d been arguing when she left him. She turns to Gina for help in finding the real killer.

 As Gina assists Deputy Trevor Hutchinson exploration into the chef’s past, they find a cast of unsavory characters, lies and danger. Amidst the investigation, an unexpected guest - a rambunctious Golden Retriever - lands on Gina’s doorstep. Juggling the search for a murderer and managing the mischievous canine tests Gina’s patience, leading to conflict with those around her.

 With her talking dog, Daisy, at her side, will Gina be able to find the chaotic Golden a suitable home and navigate the investigation without becoming a victim herself?

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