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The Fiancé is Finished

The Fiancé is Finished

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Did he die because of money, love or revenge?

When a man is found dead in a hotel room, Bernie’s friend, Darla, becomes one of the main suspects. With her fragile mental health on the line, she begs Bernie to find the real killer to save her from spiraling into a dark episode.

Bernie and Deputy Adam Gallagher have been an item for months, but when she questions him about the murder, she finds him unwilling to give her the information she needs to ease Darla’s concerns.

To find the true killer, Bernie is forced to make a decision that could ruin her relationship with Adam… if she’s caught. With her ghostly grandmother’s help, she puts everything on the line to find the murderer.

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Customer Reviews

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Kathryn Tozzi
Friends Helping Friends

Bernie and Ruby are back!
This time her friend Darla is in trouble, she is a suspect in a murder. She has already been warned by Adam to stay out of the investigation but there is no way she will stand by and let her fall.
Little did she know that her butting in will get her in major trouble with her now boyfriend Adam. Not even her personal life will stop her from helping a friend.
There are so many suspects but Ruby and Bernie will stop at nothing to right a wrong.