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The Guest is a Goner

The Guest is a Goner

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She's never believed in ghosts... until now.

As the owner of Sedona Bed and Breakfast, Bernadette Maxwell has always played up the rumors that her business was haunted. She’s never believed it herself, even though she can’t explain the odd odors that sometimes permeate the room or why a blast of cold air comes out of nowhere… until she has an accident and can suddenly see her resident ghost—her crazy, fun-loving, hippie grandmother, Ruby.

When a guest is found dead, the police rule it a homicide. It becomes apparent Bernadette is not only a suspect, but also in the crosshairs of the murderer. With no one to turn to for help, she relies on Ruby to assist her in a search for clues to bring the killer to justice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Karen Armes
new talents? seeing your grandmothers ghost

Bernie thought getting struck by lightening was bad. When she arrives home from her trip that ended her up in the hospital. She finds she can see and communicate with her grandmother that has been dead for 3 years. But thank goodness she can because her grandma lets her know she has a dead body in one room of her B&B. Bernie must find out who killed her guest before she goes the same way as he did.

Cristina Martins

Fun to read, would love to have a granny like Ruby.

Kathryn Tozzi
New Who Done It Mystery

So excited for another series from this author, and this one does not disappoint.
Bernadette Maxwell inherited Sedona Bed & Breakfast from her Grandmother.
While attending a wedding she was struck by lightning. Feeling extremely lucky she survived she did walk away with a little side effect. Returning to Sedona she walked into the B&B and came face to face with her dead Grandmother Ruby.
One of the guests in her B&B was found in his room, dead. It is up to her and Ruby to find out who killed him and clear herself of being accused.
Just a woman and her Grandmother solving the case of the deceased guest.


The Guest is a Goner

Fun and exciting to read!

Interesting storyline with surprises around the corner every time I thought I had it figured out it was the wrong idea! Just a very fun book