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Special Edition: The Springtime Heywood Herbalist Box!

Special Edition: The Springtime Heywood Herbalist Box!

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It's almost springtime, and to celebrate, I've put together a special edition book box that will get you into the springtime mood. You can't find this anywhere else, except this store.
It's the perfect book box for Mother's Day, Easter, a birthday, or to treat yourself!
(USA only - shipping is ridiculous!)

What you get:

 - The Heywood Herbalist Cozy Mysteries: all signed paperbacks!
Dandelions and Deception - Prequel
Herbs and Homicide
Lavender and Lies
Mint and Murder
Mistletoe and Mayhem
Thyme and Trouble
Chamomile and Chaos
Tea Leaves and Thieves - novella

 - Three small terracotta planters
 - Three packets of seeds to start your herb garden

Order now. The cutoff date for ordering will be April 5. All orders will be shipped by April 30 at the latest.

Q & A:
1. Why wouldn't I just order the books from a retailer?
For a few different reasons. First, not all these books are available at the retailers. Second, it's going to cost you more. Third, the books won't be signed and you don't get your little garden starter!

2. Can I just order the paperbacks from you?
Sure! But I can't guarantee that they'll be signed. Also, the novella and the prequel are only being printed for this specialty box. And again... no garden starter!

3. If I buy this as a gift, can you sign the books to the recipient?
I'm happy to do so! Just let me know who they should be made out to.
4. I live outside the US. Can I still buy?
Sorry, but not this time. In future themed boxes I'll try to make that happen, but I can't mail seeds outside the US! 

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