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Thyme and Trouble

Thyme and Trouble

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Her past has caught up with her… will a killer do the same?

When Mrs. Mason, the owner of Knit Wit, finds her husband murdered, Sam Jones steps in to console her despite her own troubled life filled with uncertainty and loneliness.

As their friendship blossoms, Sam confronts her past and the mistakes she’s made. But will it be enough for the local deputy, Jordan Branson, to forgive her?

While the police hunt for clues as to who the killer is, Sam also worries for her own life. Will the murderer be revealed before Sam becomes the next victim?

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Customer Reviews

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Kathryn Tozzi
Secrets Revealed

All Sam wanted was a normal life, out of the spotlight. Guess it was all to good to be true for her.
Samantha's life has blown up, her secret life is no longer a secret and people see her differently now.
Trying to piece her life back together again she is once again put on hold for yet another murder in town.
While trying to find the murderer she just may be next on the chopping block.
For a sweet, cozy little town there sure is a lot of trouble.
What a great series! I am loving all the colorful people and antics. I sure hope there is many more to come.