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Herbs and Homicide

Herbs and Homicide

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After her husband’s brutal killing and her fall from the Hollywood elite, the disgraced Samantha Rathbone moves to Heywood hoping to forget her past and live a quiet life of anonymity as Sam Jones.

When she takes a job at the local herbal shop, Sage Advice, and the owner is found murdered, Sam is pushed back into the unwanted spotlight when she becomes the number one suspect. As she wades through ugly family drama, the questionable business practices of others, and the lies embroiled in a small town, she searches for the true killer, hoping to save herself.

Will Samantha be able to find the murderer before she’s put away for a crime she didn’t commit?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Herbs and Homicide

ELENA Vasallo González
Muy interesante

Me ga encantado. A ver si es posible que lo traduzvan al español

Barbara Heath
Who killed Bonnie?

Good start to a new series--I liked the story--it kept me interested throughout the book. Sam Jones came to Heywood to get away from a bad situation and live a calm, peaceful life. She found that things don't always work out the way we want them too. Good mystery--I had no idea until the very end who killed Bonnie. Recommend reading.

Mixing up a good mystery

I enjoyed this book. This was a fun cosy mystery which wasn't to complicated to follow along with, despite there being a number of suspects. I liked the fact the main character is an older lady, who was easy to get along with unless you tried pushing around and then she channels her inner Cassie. She had a whole other life before moving to Heywood, a life where she killed people everyday on a soap opera, a life she would rather keep quiet, this made her an interesting character. I liked the other characters too and knew who I wanted to be the killer. The mystery was well worked out, although it did get a little bit annoying the way she suspected everybody seconds after thinking it can't be them. It was also nice that you don't need to know or be into using herbal remedies to enjoy. Definitely a series I will be visiting again.
A fall from grace has actress Samantha Rathbone hiding out in small town Haywood, looking for a quite life where nobody knows her name or the drama queen she used to play. But the death of her boss has her realing. Especially when a surprise in the will reading leaves her with the shop and makes her the number one suspect. In order to stay out of jail Sam will have to find the real killer before her real identity is revealed or worse she is arrested.

Brenda Poulsen
Looking forward to more

I absolutely enjoyed this book. Fun characters, great plot, awesome writing. What is there not to like?